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This is not new !!

By-Michael | 30 May 2010
These holagans , that left their Middle Eatern countries were they had no shoes to wear and no toilet seats to use. They came to Sweden, they live off the people of Sweden and abuse the system. Can you tell me, why these people leave their land,THE LAND OF THEIR CHILD MOLESTER PROFIT,and go to the land of the infadils !!? Then they tell the Swidish people how to live and think...this is what their profit the child molester taught them. The other question I have why do they saty in these because they cannot live in their own countirs ??? I would like to see this happen in the Wahabi land of Saudi Arabia and see what happens to anyone who speaks his mind, I will answer that ...he will have his head cut off...exactly as their child molester profit taught them what to what is new !!!
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