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  • Sunday ,30 May 2010

Egypt NDP wants Mubarak for Presidency

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Sunday ,30 May 2010

Egypt NDP wants Mubarak for Presidency

Egypt's ruling National Democratic Party will nominate incumbent President Hosni Mubarak to re-run in the Presidential poll scheduled for next year, a top party leader has said on Saturday .

 The NDP Secretary-General Safwat el-Sherif has said that citizens' participation in the elections is the real guarantee of fairness in the vote and asked all Egyptians to cast ballot in the forthcoming poll. 

   El-Sherif said all guarantees of fairness and transparency will be ensured in the presidential elections. 

   "The elections will be monitored by the higher election committee, which is formed of a number of senior judges," he said.

   "This committee will set all regulations for nomination, announce the date for nomination...and set the conditions for campaigning," he added. 

   No one will match Mubarak's leadership, wisdom and influence, El-Sherif said. 

   Mubarak is yet to publicly state whether he would run.