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Egypt to unearth 57 ancient tombs with mummies

By-Egypt News | 25 May 2010

 Archeologists have unearthed 57 ancient Egyptian tombs, most of them containing a painted wooden sarcophagus with a mummy inside

The Supreme Council of Antiquities says the oldest tombs date back to around 2750 B.C. Twelve of the tombs belong the 18th dynasty which ruled Egypt during the second millennium B.C.
It says the discovery throws new light on Egypt's ancient religions.
Council chief Zahi Hawass says the mummies are covered in linen decorated with religious texts from the Book of the Dead and scenes featuring ancient Egyptian deities.
The council said in a statement Sunday the findings were unearthed at Lahoun, in Fayoum, some 70 miles (100 kilometers) south of Cairo. 
Last year, some 53 stone tombs dating back to various ancient periods were found in the area.
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