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  • Sunday ,11 October 2009

'US wheat quarantined'

By-The Egyptian Gazette

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Saturday ,10 October 2009

'US wheat quarantined'

AUTHORITIES have quarantined 57,750 tonnes of US wheat at the Red Sea port of Safaga for quality control reasons, but is not holding any other wheat, Government officials

and the local media said yesterday.The officials, according to Reuters, had ordered the seizure of all US wheat for checks over health concerns after a complaint that spoiled wheat had enteredSafaga port without proper approvals."We found dead bugs, impurities and seeds above the allowed limit in the shipment. That is why we quarantined it," an official at the Central Administration of the AgriculturalQuarantine told Reuters."Issues like these can sometimes be treated and so we held the wheat in orderto treat it if possible. But we did not release one kilogram of it into the market," he said.