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  • Friday ,25 March 2016

Belgium from the airport to the train

Mina M. Azer

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Friday ,25 March 2016

Belgium from the airport to the train

Nobody believed Mubarak when he said that terrorism is an international issue. At the time Mubarak was trying to get international support to fight terrorism, several countries were sending its terrorists to Afghanistan including Egypt that sent al-Zawahiri out there. Those terrorists established al-Qaida and spread terrorism all over the world.

Brussels Airport witnessed explosions and gunfire and the train witnessed the third explosion. Terrorism is growing in Europe, Sinai and America. In Egypt, we have another river of blood. In Europe and some Arab countries, there are rivers of fund dedicated to the terrorists. America creates various terrorists and supports them, and finds in some Arab countries the supporting ideology to the terrorists.
Between the Airport and the train there are several issues including national security, and declaring state of emergency. With every single refugee entering Europe, there is a potential terrorist who kill innocent people.
Belgium didn’t hesitate to acknowledge the terrorist attack was a result of security error. It didn’t deny the negligence like Egypt that claimed conspiracy in similar terrorist attack. 
We realize in Egypt that we’re targeted and we are facing several conspiracies, but we don’t wake up until we face a disaster. For the first time, Sharm Al Sheikh Airport was put on high alert after the attacks in Belgium. Yet, other Egyptian airport should do the same even before they face similar terrorist attacks. Please wake up before it’s too late.