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  • Wednesday ,23 March 2016

Problems of the Copts in points

Dr. Naguib Gibraeel

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Wednesday ,23 March 2016

Problems of the Copts in points

In this article I mention several points that reveal problems of the Coptic Christians in Egypt. Christians don’t have freedom to build churches. In Galaa village, Minya, the governor couldn’t rebuild an old church before he accepts 6 conditions of the Salafis. There is no Christian governor in 27 Egyptian governorates and there is no Christian director of security. This could be because of incompetence or the lack of or confidence in Christians.

There is no Christian president of university in Egypt or Christian editor-in-chief of a national newspaper. Christians don’t preside over national banks and can’t work as obstetrics and gynaecology professor.
Egyptian courts don’t accept Christian witnesses against Muslims. Holy Mass is not recorded in public TV on Sundays. 
A Christian mother can’t raise her children if her husband converts to Islam since he can visit churches and drink wine and eat swine. Muslims are not allowed to donate to build churches since they are considered houses of infidelity. Christens are imprisoned for contempt of Islam but Muslims are not punished for contempt of Christianity. We know nothing about Maspero massacre in which 24 Copts were killed in addition to other massacres.
 There are 37 Copts in the parliament, but the true number of the elected members is 13 since the rest won by the quota system. The Copts should be represented by 67 members in the parliament as they represent 11% of the voters.