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  • Monday ,21 March 2016

Happy Mothers Day

J.M Fahmy

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Monday ,21 March 2016

Happy Mothers Day
Children small or big we all celebrate Mothers Day as Spring starts full of Love!
We Love you Mothers -All Mothers- and say Thank you mum!
It is a pleasure for me to think of my mum living mothers can never destruct us from our beloved dead mothers, having lost your mum or dad or even both is not the end of the world is not the end of Loving and caring so whoever objected R.I.P. Ali Amin idea of celebrating mothers on the 21st of Mars each year was deadly wrong!
I’ll keep it short is I’m getting ready to fly back to Egypt I’ll not be able to write an article next week so I could not let got of today’s article as well I had to apologize for not writing me weekly article but with God’s permission I’ll resume the week after so till then let me wish all mothers a Happy Mothers Day and may God bless all Mothers and keep blessing Egypt and Egyptians may his peace be with you all!