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  • Friday ,18 March 2016

Seeking Justice

Medhat Bishay

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Friday ,18 March 2016

Seeking Justice

There is no doubt that justice is the main target and dream of human beings. However, the Egyptians are seeking justice in all court rulings that may prove to them that participating in two revolutions was one move towards achieving justice.

Couples of days ago, 31 members of the Muslim Brotherhood were sentenced to life imprisonment and 57 were sentenced to 15 years in prison on charges of burning St. George Church in Suhag. For 50 years, such crimes are committed in my country without even having a criminal to judge. The Saints church bomb attack is a sad example for that tragedy that has nobody even to be accused!
Mass killing incidents in transportation usually has also no criminal to accuse. The poor are always the victims of such incidents.  Charlie Chaplin said once that the poor make a revolution after one of them dies, but such revolution destroys the economy and the rest of the poor die! The poor in my country die by diseases in hospitals or by ISIS in churches, or in their way to flee wars. This is the lost justice that millions are dreaming of in my country.
Justice is good that reflects freedom and equality. Justice supported the regime and injustice represented chaos in several cultures. Sun was taken in old civilizations as god of justice in order to shed light on its importance.