• 15:46
  • Thursday ,17 March 2016

You will be eaten

By-Sherbini Luxori

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Thursday ,17 March 2016

You will be eaten

Arab people shouldn’t be happy to have very bad relations with America, Russia and the West. In fact, we should have been seeking friendship and cooperation with these countries. 

However, we should hate them for inciting disagreement between Arab countries. We lose and they make a lot of money.
Indeed, we should blame ourselves for giving them a chance to do so. They are like hungry lions and we are the stupid bulls. We were lost when we allowed the lion to eat one of us. We were lost when we were divided according to identity and religion. 
Dear brothers, the Western lions became even smarter and decided to change the game by creating Arab lions to eat the Eastern bulls before the whole forest is owned by the Western lion that manage and control everything from distance.
The best friends of America will be eaten as well, just like Mubarak, Ben Ali, Gaddafi, Ali Abdullah Saleh, Bashar, Saddam and Nimeiri were eaten. It’s but a false friendship between the West and the fake lions in the Middle East.