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  • Wednesday ,16 March 2016

Thinking about immigration once again

Mena Habeeb

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Wednesday ,16 March 2016

Thinking about immigration once again

I had a chance to study in the United States of America in 2009-2010. It was a distinguished grant that turned my life upside down. I studied media production and graphic design and took them as profession after I had spent years working as journalist. However, when the grant was over, I decided to go back to my homeland in order to be with my family and share all good and bad things with them. 

At that time, rumors spread among the Copts in America that the Muslim Brotherhood were about to take power in Egypt. I simply said that if my family has to suffer under such autocratic regime, I will be suffering with them out there.
Now, after many years passed and the Muslim Brotherhood took power and then were ousted, I find myself once again thinking about immigration. This time I’m thinking about better future for my son. 
Our economy is far from stability and a civil state is leaking from our hands. We can’t find freedom of speech after children have been imprisoned for less than one minute video in which they criticize ISIS. Our political situation is also unstable as we find the president that we support losing control.
I love Egypt and am willing to do anything in order to help my country. However, many people think that they can do nothing and the only solution is to immigrate.
I don’t know why should many young people are now thinking again about immigration though they participated in two revolutions and suffered a lot in order to achieve such change.