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  • Tuesday ,15 March 2016

Think about donating

Mina M. Azer

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Tuesday ,15 March 2016

Think about donating

I don’t know why donation ideas have spread very much in Egypt. Indeed Egypt is in bad need for such donation and it really deserves such money. However, if the government understands the value of Egyptian Pound, why it allows dollar to eat its value all the time? 

It was a great idea by Minister of Tourism who showed pictures of people who lost their job in tourism sector before tourists to beg for their sympathy and compassion. However, he must forgot about how Egypt treats many of her tourists including allowing them to die in terrorist attacks and even torture them to death! This can’t be how a country depends on tourism should treat its tourists! Such beggary should increase their fears instead of longing for Egypt. 
Two hundred years ago, British occupation arrived in Egypt after a tourist was killed. After the Russian terrorist attack, England decided to prevent her tourists from visiting Egypt.
We may find it easy to beg, but donations are still rare in this country. I offer the minister this idea: Why doesn’t he take pictures for those who lost their jobs in tourism sector and show them to minister of interiors that they may do their job and secure the country. Good intentions don’t build countries on their own, and beggary won’t help tourism.