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  • Monday ,14 March 2016


J.M Fahmy

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Monday ,14 March 2016


Upon the revolution on Mubarak there were a lot of slogans like the most famous on translated “Bread Freedom Social Justice”, and within those slogans another one translated as well “People want to change the System”; and system here was meant the government of the people in charge!

Great now a new slogan come out from anti-revolution guys and the revolution here is that of 30 June that ended the Muslim Brotherhood -MB in short- controls on Egypt!
Yes, controls MB never won the elections but they imposed themselves to control Egypt.
The new slogan translated as well states: The system wants to change the people!
Well it is a wording show that sounds like if the system was going to send away Egyptian people and may be import people from Japan or China in exchange!
Sounds like a joke even a famous journalist had it as a joke on Facebook; but in fact this needs a deeper view, we are talking of people here not merchandises; if I buy a shirt that is not the right size I go to change it, if the commodity is food not fit for human consumption, change here means I get my money back or the proper commodity, meaning a commodity humans can consume, and the merchant has to get rid of the faulty one, if he is a honest man not trying to make money at any cost!
Back to the point how the system would change the people? Is it a joke?
To my view no it is not a Joke! Seriously the system is trying to change the people, but as I said this does not mean to throw you in the garbage bin and get a new one not at all, change here has a different meaning!
If your attitude is not acceptable you need to change attitude you need to be more co-operating more understanding more helpful and more caring this is that change the system is after it! Lack of education the system provides better learning more schools improved educational system is a change the system expects a change in personalities and better re-actions, that is the change the system wants you are not a shirt that is too tight or too large, you are not a spoiled yoghurt to throw in the rubbish bin, you are a human with the wrong attitude you need to change that attitude to be a better human being!
Having discussed the meaning of (Change) let us see what needs to be changed in Egyptians!
Old traditions are not Bad
Our current attitude is not all bad but not too good as well so let us see what needs change
1. Farmers used to wear nice colourful clothes -I mean Ladies- yes a female farmer is still deserves to be called LADY! Lady in in the royal life is a title given by the King or the Queen to honour some one just like Lord and Duke but nowadays most royal families were gone for Egypt for sure, so I do not see why a female farmer can not be called Lady since the following day after ex-president Nasser banned royal titles all baggers become Basha and Sir and...
2. On 1968 a group photo of graduates of some Cairo University collage boys and girls mixed in the picture all looking at the photographer and smiling! Non of those girls had her hair covered in a “Higab” and no boys were looking or admiring their beauty each on his own world no misbehaviours or misconduct! Unfortunately now with Higab and Nikab all sexual harassment occurs in the university or else were!
3. Some by the night preachers who love inventing rules or explaining words their own way said:-It is against the freedom and personal liberty to BAN NIKAB ...So I wonder it is not against security to let it go? So many Muslim Brotherhood LEADERS tried to escape authorities under the disguise of a Nikab! We need to change our mentality towards religion not all what a priest says is the word of God, we need first to read God’s word, second to properly understand it asking priests help to understand a word does not mean he is wrong or right we seriously need to work our minds and see all aspects if we really read God’s word we will see discrepancies in that meaning or fully applicable in all verses of the holly book! The meaning can not change from verse to verse it means one unique rule!
Those are some simple examples to show what change means it is not just a change or behaviours but a total change of view of life we can not let go of this or that we need to have standards and understanding! 
I rest my cause at this point as I need to get ready for more and more issues that concern our country Egypt may God keep blessing Egypt and Egyptians and his peace be with you all!