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  • Friday ,11 March 2016

Visiting the empire

Michel Fahmy

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Friday ,11 March 2016

Visiting the empire

Japanese Empire celebrated last week the visit of the Arab leader and Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi. He went there seeking friendship and peace with the Japanese people. He asked Japan to contribute to the development and construction of modern Egypt, especially in education and transportation, etc. 

Japan welcomed the president and expressed its desire to participate in all projects in Egypt including Egyptian-Japanese partnership in the field of education. Sisi has succeeded in this step since Japan has great education and code of ethics as well. This is more important than importing weapons for the Egyptian army since education is more powerful.
He visited a Japanese school and invited its students and teachers to visit Egypt. He realized that nations progress by its education, hard working and code of ethics.
The best part of the visit was visiting the Japanese Parliament, where he gave an effective speech. Japanese MPs clapped for him for more than one minute which is rare even in the Japanese culture. 
I believe Japan is going to take many chances in Egypt after it appreciated the Egyptian efforts of reform. Let the spiteful and ignorant eat themselves.