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  • Thursday ,10 March 2016

Miracle by Pope Cyril VI


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Thursday ,10 March 2016

Miracle by Pope Cyril VI
On the anniversary of the departure of Pope Cyril VI, I would like to share this miracle that happened to me by Pope Cyril. It should be known first that millions of Copts had similar miracles done through the intersession of Pope Cyril.
In 2000, I had strong pain in the abdominal area that used to last for hours. I visited the doctor who assured me I have several Gallstones. I had to undergo a surgical operation. 
I was listening to hymns and praises dedicated to Pope Cyril all the time. I took a nap, and all of a sudden, I had a dream that Pope Cyril is sitting next to the doctor. He asked me: “Is that the doctor who is going to perform the surgery?” “No, another doctor since this one is very busy”, I said.
I tell you that I didn’t suffer from such pain again. Therefore, I had a strong feeling that I was healed. Yet, I went to the hospital at the due time to have the surgery done. I asked Pope Cyril to show me a sign that I had a miracle. Suddenly, the doctor said he has to perform the surgery for another patient whose condition is very bad. I took that as a sign.
A new x-ray proved the miracle. They gave me a report that proved this miracle conducted by Pope Cyril. Therefore, I share this miracle with you after 16 years and may the blessings of this saint be with us all, Amen.