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  • Wednesday ,09 March 2016

Failure to justify the failure

Mina M. Azer

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Wednesday ,09 March 2016

Failure to justify the failure

I said in a previous article that powerful intelligence agencies were behind the incidents of al-Darb al-Ahmar aiming to incite sedition between police and the people. Yet, they failed to achieve such evil plan and the people are more united than ever.

Police failed to achieve criminal security with pretext that they are preoccupied with national security or fighting the terrorist groups. However, this pretext can’t be true since achieving criminal security should ease the job of fighting terrorism. 
The problem here is the cooperation between police and criminals which proves that they are not doing their job. I admit that several policemen are doing their job, but like I said it’s their job. However, some of them offend the whole police.
Police encourage the people to negotiate the ransom when a car is stolen instead of moving to arrest the thieves. This proves police is very weak.
Our police can’t bring results in several investigations including international ones like the killing of the Italian young man. People may think that a policeman is behind his torture to death. In short, police even failed to justify their failure. Justification is bad and makes things even worse.