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  • Monday ,07 March 2016

President Trip To Japan

J.M Fahmy

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Monday ,07 March 2016

President Trip To Japan

A side of President’s trip to Japan, Korea and the rest of the countries he visited, as a personal overview while he visited the schools and I saw little Japanese boys and girls at schools I would say in full confidence those kids, Japanese or German, Egyptian or Lebanese they are all God's Angels on Earth!

So beautiful welcome of those kids to the Egyptian President with Egyptian Flags! Who would say those kids are Japanese or any other nationality, they all were very organised obedient and so beautiful God bless them!
The president is as usual trying his best to gain international support about the most common problems that face Egypt!
On this issue seeing how Japanese Parliament stood so long to applause his speech for over a minute or two, comparing with the Egyptian one that dismissed a member just because he publicly meat with Israel’s diplomat in Egypt I wander what is wrong with meeting a any diplomatic core officially represents his country?
Not sure to which extend news saying that the parliament in Egypt will review the peace agreement of Camp David is true or just a rumour, but really I which to know since when Palestine had become an Arabic country? Those neighbouring countries that rejected the United Nation resolution about Palestine on 1948 they all had side political issues like Jordan that won the west side bank of Jordan river, or Egypt that took control of Gaza!
May be the solders that found themselves defending their lives in a war they were never consulted if they were willing for that WAR? Since when Politicians in the comfort of their A/C offices care about the solders that will defend their decisions? (This is why me and politics never mix!)
Egyptian Parliament
When a Parliament dismiss one of his members that the people elected freely this is a big issue that needs review! I’m not a lawyer neither understand laws but I respect them when I’m facing an accusation I need to know my RIGHTS under what law I’m accused no need to be told Act Number 5 article 2, 5 and 2 in my vocabulary is seven I need to understand my offence in common worlds so that I correct my attitude as I said 5 and 2 equal 7 Acts and articles would be understood by lawyers and it is an acceptable abbreviation in speeches when we do have all the time to look and see what those articles and acts say, but when you facing accusations you need common language!
A lot was said and rumours spread about a parliament member attending the meeting in BATMAN’s uniform and was dismissed from the meeting well if the parliament members can not respect the parliament and its traditions then we can expect much more!
Those traditions were not introduced over night, they are collective experiences over decades and decades of parliamentarian work!
When the only concern of the people who try to find any excuses to make Egyptians feel depressed and all their work is going waisted, at least we expect the parliament to act properly not like children in a classroom where the teacher has to impose discipline!
This is the amazing thing I noticed in our president’s visit to Japan!
Children, God’s angles on earth, so seriously acting in discipline, cooking, cleaning cooking materials, eating what they’ve just cooked all perfectly done in order and discipline!
Discipline and Planing
Egypt facing so many problems lots of expenses are due to self motivations or greediness from corrupted guys without any planing; When I was young and used to see the worker in the street Sideways tile worker putting the tiles in an artistic way I used to feel sad for his work will go waist when other workers will break those tiles looking for a water pipe!
Was it the tiles worker’s fault he covered the pipes, or his supervisor never told him not to do so? And more important, what is the alternative? Leave pipes uncovered, or cover them leaving the leading pipe exposed under a removable cover?
All of this can not be achieved without planning!
When a Crushed Street has been resurfaced it is really money waisted when you see workers the following day digging up looking for pipes, or to change the gaiters pipes, no body informed any one of their plans, the ministry of circulation is not the irrigation ministry but both are under one prime minister who is supposed to have approved all ministries plans and provided funds as well for those plans to be executed!
I really do not know what to say more Schools missing planning, parliament missing discipline, ministries have no idea what it is planning, when we see the old old soaps of Maspiro productions, currently broadcasting “Women that do not know regrets” daily at around 11.30-12pm we see most actors behind huge desks full of phones, the bigger the desk the more prestige, then we wonder why generations and generations of university graduates refused refused jobs without a huge desk! I worked in the government all my life, in the university to be more accurate, I’ve seen bosses and bosses including the University Commanding sheaf, none of them had a desk similar to those seen in that soap! We were invaded with brain washing that included all aspects of life!
Is it possible that Japan collaboration in our education system will straiten all those wrong doing?
What is freedom is it the freedom of disorder or the freedom of mind? If your mind is set free to think it can invent if you can invent then you can progress, progress is not having the latest of I-phones or Samsung, freedom is not being free to insult who is different than you in opinions, but a free mind will help you discuss with them rather than insult them!
It is all the freedom of mind, a free mind can see and understand better its religion no need for those who think God created them to guide us and they themselves need guidance!
But because God blessed Egypt and Egyptians they will FREE their minds and rebuild this country I am confident that God’s word will prevail may his peace be with you all!