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  • Friday ,04 March 2016

Religious institutions and the value of tolerance

Medhat Bishay

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Friday ,04 March 2016

Religious institutions and the value of tolerance

No doubt that we are in bad need to spreading tolerance in our society. We sometimes can’t see one another because of intolerance. Thomas Hobbes said the perfect state is based on mind with a social contract.

In the sixteen century, Catholics and atheists were not subject to tolerance in certain countries since they were considered dangerous to the regime. At that time, people decided that church’s authorities should stay at the church. Politics and religion don’t mix!
The religious discourse has to be renewed since clergy insist on presenting the same content at the same methods. They expect their attendees to accept that even if they don’t understand their language.
For years, the religious institutions in Arab countries failed to affect the majority of the people. Dr. Ahmed Al-Tayeb, Grand Imam of Al-Azhar Al-Sharif, admitted the absence of moderate speech against extremism. I remember the answer of Pope Shenouda III to a question about the potentiality of formation of Coptic state in Upper Egypt. He said that Christens will be more safe and stable with their fellow Muslims.
Do those who talk about martyrdom understand this answer? Those who talk about religious identity should keep silent. In fact, the renewal of religious discourse is the solution for sectarianism. Clergy who insist on participating in politics during elections should abandon priesthood forever.