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Article Of The Day
  • Obama and Daash

    Mina M. Azer
    President Obama says that Daash in Iraq is a cancer that must be removed. This is apparently true, but why does he refuse them in Iraq, and welcome them in Syria? America has not hit them until they approached the Kurdistan region of Iraq. Yet, you left them to do whatever they want in Syria... More
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Coptic activists angry as undersecretary of the Ministry of Awqaf insulted Chris

Dr. Naguib Gabriel, head of the Egyptian Organization for Human Rights, denounced announcements of D..  More

15 Copts and 7 Muslims released after sectarian strife in Minya

Samalot prosecution has decided on Monday to release 22 Copts and 7 Muslims arrested on charges of i..  More

Restoration of nuns’ school in Beni Suef is over

Engineering authority of the armed forces has completed all restoration work at classes of Beni Suef..  More

Sawirus: Abdul Rahim Ali tried to blackmail me

Najib Sawirus, Coptic Christian businessman, said that Abdul Rahim Ali tried to blackmail him, and t..  More
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  • The end of Christianity? Why we must act NOW to stop Islamic

    By Dougla Murray, Express UK
    No European capital has been brought to a standstill by a march expressing outrage. There are few calls for war-crimes trials of the perpetrators.The crime is the wholesale eradication of Christianity More

    Developing the Suez Canal: Egypt's future

    By Ahmed El-Sayed Al-Naggar, Ahram Online
    The great projects that make Egypt proud include the High Dam, the greatest twentieth century infrastructure project in the world. It is a shield protecting Egypt from the ravages of destructive annua More

Copts and Poliltical Islam

Do you think that the terrorist group \"Daash\" will be able to enter Egypt?

Short But Not Sweet
  • To what End?

    You can travel anywhere in the world and will still find that ever so popular image of the Muslim woman covering her hair or her whole body. Europe, Canada, America all can see Arab Muslim tourists visiting the country, why? Because they enjoy the peace and calmn. While you can see now that all More
Conference Resolutions
  • Second International Coptic Conference - Washington, DC

    More than 220 thinkers, politicians, secularists and non-secularists, and Muslims from Egypt, Syria, Lebanon, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Sudan, Iraq, Tunisia, Bahrain, Libya, Europe, the United States, and Australia, convened to study and discuss the status of the minorities in the Middle East and Islamic countries. It became evident from the discussions, work papers, reports, witness statements, participating Egyptian and international fact finding missions, and the international human rights organizations, that the state of the Copts in Egypt continued to deteriorate after the first Coptic Conference held in Zurich in September 2004 ..  More