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Article Of The Day
  • Daash: succession and racism

    Naim Youssef
    No doubt that what Daash is doing in Iraq and Syria are acts of hateful sectarianism and terrorism. Yet, they should be taken as example of what similar organizations may do in other countries. It’s known that they aim to restore the Islamic caliphate, but they should realize the costs of the wars now are completely different from the wars 1400 years ago. In the past, they only used swords and spears, and ate what they found in the.. More
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Maspero Youth Union congratulates Muslim on Eid al-Fitr

Maspero Youth Union has congratulated the Muslims of Egypt and the Arab countries on the occasion of..  More

Coptic Dutch congratulates Muslims on Eid al-Fitr

The Coptic Dutch organization has congratulated the Muslims in Egypt and all over the world on the o..  More

Candle demonstration in Germany to condemn ethnic cleansing of Christians in Mos

Egyptian and Iraqi Diasporas in Germany have organized a candle demonstration in Essen in Germany to..  More

Coptic child kidnapped for ransom and liberated in Giza

Security forces in Cairo have released a kidnapped Coptic child called Kyrolos Sameh, who was kidnap..  More
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  • Why is the battle of Gaza difficult to stop?

    By-Hicham Mourad
    By taking the decision to launch a ground offensive against the Gaza Strip, Israel chose military escalation. The decision came as a result of the refusal of Hamas, which has controled the Strip since More

    Last day

    J.M Fahmy
    This article will be available on May 26th. The first day of presidential election most likely will read it afar you had voted or boycotted presidential elections but there would be a second chance the following day the very LAST DAY! I More

Copts and Poliltical Islam

Do you Expect an uprising now that the government has raised gas prices?

Short But Not Sweet
  • American and Political islam

    One day, I was confident that Peace would prevail in the Middle East during my life and we would have the Arab/Israeli conflict behind us. How mistaken I was ! None of the parties of this conflict has been a peace seeker. While the Palestinians are tragically More
Conference Resolutions
  • Second International Coptic Conference - Washington, DC

    More than 220 thinkers, politicians, secularists and non-secularists, and Muslims from Egypt, Syria, Lebanon, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Sudan, Iraq, Tunisia, Bahrain, Libya, Europe, the United States, and Australia, convened to study and discuss the status of the minorities in the Middle East and Islamic countries. It became evident from the discussions, work papers, reports, witness statements, participating Egyptian and international fact finding missions, and the international human rights organizations, that the state of the Copts in Egypt continued to deteriorate after the first Coptic Conference held in Zurich in September 2004 ..  More