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Article Of The Day
  • King R.I.P.

    J.M Fahmy
    Yes since ever a King dies and a successor assumes powers, no one but God lasts forever! This week is full of events I would like to quickly point to them but in the near future with God’s permission will be writing full articles about! Death of a King I live –as a guest so far- in a Kingdom that long time ago to get my second nationality I had to swear loyalty to that crown, and even without searing not intending to betray an.. More
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Socialist Alliance accuses police of "premeditated murder" of member El-Sabagh

Slain Egyptian activist Shaimaa El-Sabagh was shot dead by police in a 'premeditated' murder on Satu..  More

Coptic driver found dead in front of his house

Family of Amgad Gaber, 22 years old Coptic driver, found him dead in front of his house in Tayba vil..  More

Unidentified men set car of a Coptic man on fire

Unidentified men set a car of a Coptic Christian man called Fayez Morkos on fire. It’s worth me..  More

Foreign Ministry denies reports of killing the kidnapped Copts in Libya

Sources in the Egyptian Ministry of Foreign Affairs denied reports of killing the Kidnapped Copts in..  More

National Security police arrest killers of Minya church guards

National Security police arrested killers of guards of St. Mark Catholic church in Minya who seized ..  More

Libyan army: kidnapped Copts in Libya are killed

Sources in the Libyan army announced the killing of kidnapped Copts in Libya. The sources added t..  More
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  • Police Day and human rights

    By-Rana Allam
    History will always remember policemen’s role in keeping the peace and security, and protecting human rights.” This is one of the statements Al-Sisi made in his 30-minute police-glorifying speech during the celebration of Police Day whi More

    The tragedy of the Copts in Libya

    Nabil Sharaf el-Din
    Libya has recently witnessed series of heinous crimes, including the kidnapping of 24 Coptic Christians who were in their way back to Egypt or at their homes. It was not a mere coincidence that all of them belong to the province of Minya. T More

Copts and Poliltical Islam

On the 4th anniversary of El-Kedesen tragedy, Do you think that Interior Ministry will release information leading to the criminal?

Short But Not Sweet
  • Eternal Peace

    Tragically, there has been another attack on our church this year. A time when we are supposed to be celebrating the birth of our Saviour, we are mourning the loss of loved ones. I would like to point out wise words from Anba Angelos from England. "The worst thing that a Muslim can do to us, is More
Conference Resolutions
  • Second International Coptic Conference - Washington, DC

    More than 220 thinkers, politicians, secularists and non-secularists, and Muslims from Egypt, Syria, Lebanon, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Sudan, Iraq, Tunisia, Bahrain, Libya, Europe, the United States, and Australia, convened to study and discuss the status of the minorities in the Middle East and Islamic countries. It became evident from the discussions, work papers, reports, witness statements, participating Egyptian and international fact finding missions, and the international human rights organizations, that the state of the Copts in Egypt continued to deteriorate after the first Coptic Conference held in Zurich in September 2004 ..  More