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Article Of The Day
  • The miserable Copts

    Monir Beshai
    In 1862,Victor Hugo wrote his novel "the miserable", which represents the French society after the ouster of Nabolion when corruption and injustice spread. One of the characters mentioned in the novel is Jan Valgan who was sent to jail for stealing a loaf of bread to eat. Valgan was sentenced to five years in prison, which was extended to 19 for Several attempts to escape... More
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Coptic Church celebrates the Ethiopian People's diplomatic delegation

Coptic Orthodox church held celebration at the Great Cathedral of St. Mark yesterday to welcome the ..  More

Pope Tawadros: we pray for development of Ethiopia

Pope Tawadros II, Pope of Alexandria and Patriarch of St. Mark See, said during the visit of Mr. Abd..  More

“Protectors of the Faith” supports new Personal Status Law

Mina Asaad, founder of “Protectors of the Faith” association said that the association supports ..  More

Liberals and leftists in Austria to discuss the danger of jihadists in Europe

Liberal Muslims initiative in Austria holds conference on Friday in collaboration with some of the l..  More

Austrian President participates in Christmas celebrations with charity organizat

Austrian President Dr. Heinz Fischer participated in Christmas celebrations with a number of charity..  More
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  • Which is better for Al-Sisi: Strengthening Egyptian society

    By Mohammed Nosseir; Daily News Egypt
    President Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi, who is perceived as the strongman of Egypt, constantly claims that his goal is to lead a strong country – yet he is actually working on neutering Egyptian society. More

    A storm under the dome

    By-Maasoum Marzouk- Ahramonline
    There is an old saying: "They thought that under the dome there was a sheikh (an expert or scholar)." It is an expression of bankruptcy, helplessness and lack of means. The saying makes one ponder on the next House of Representatives and th More

Copts and Poliltical Islam

Will the Protets on November 28 bring any positive change to the country?

Short But Not Sweet
  • Time Heals All

    There is a saying that goes, "Time heals all things" I firmly believe that we have a great chance to change our country for the better. We have a strong leader, and he is fair to both Muslims and Christians who dwell together here. We just have to deal with these pesky Muslim Brotherhood mem More
Conference Resolutions
  • Second International Coptic Conference - Washington, DC

    More than 220 thinkers, politicians, secularists and non-secularists, and Muslims from Egypt, Syria, Lebanon, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Sudan, Iraq, Tunisia, Bahrain, Libya, Europe, the United States, and Australia, convened to study and discuss the status of the minorities in the Middle East and Islamic countries. It became evident from the discussions, work papers, reports, witness statements, participating Egyptian and international fact finding missions, and the international human rights organizations, that the state of the Copts in Egypt continued to deteriorate after the first Coptic Conference held in Zurich in September 2004 ..  More