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Article Of The Day
  • Russian Bear and American Ass

    Michel Fahmy
    Several policies have changed between February 2014 and August 2015 in the Middle East. The American Zionist plan named (the Arab Spring) was implemented in several Arab countries including Syria, Iraq, Yemen and Tunisia. However, this evil plan was broken in Egypt. In February 2014, Field Marshal Abdel Fattah al-Sisi, Egyptian Defense Minister and Commander in Chief of the Egyptian Armed Forces, visited Russia for the first time. La.. More
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Ethiopian President receives with Pope Tawadros

Ethiopian President Mulatu Teshome has received Pope Tawadros II, Pope of Alexandria and Patriarch o..  More

Arab candidate for Vienna parliament visits the Coptic Church in Austria

Mona Dozdar, Arab candidate for the Parliament of Vienna, visited the Coptic Church in Vienna and me..  More

Minister of Culture: Salafis are against women and Copts

Helmy Nemnem, Egypt‘s Minister of Culture, said that the Salafis are known to be against women and..  More

Pope: Coptic members of al-Nour support a party that calls them infidels

Commenting on the nomination of some Copts on the electoral lists of al-Nour ultra conservative part..  More

Customary reconciliation session held between Copts and Muslims in Galaa

As Coptic students in Galaa village, Minya, are subject to harassment by Muslim students, a customar..  More

The Ministries of Culture and Youth honor bishop Moussa

The Ministries of Culture and Youth decided to honor Abba Moussa, Bishop of Youth, for his great rol..  More
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  • Greece on a knife's edge

    By-Isidoros Karderinis-egyptindependent
    It has been exactly five years since Greece joined the European Support Mechanism with the close cooperation of the International Monetary Fund (IMF). At that time, key and critical financial data were the following: GDP amounted to US$222. More

    Is It WW III?

    J.M Fahmy
    I have already said it in previous occasions I’m just a guy like you not having access to top military or political secrets I just an observer like you I read news I think and ask questions no one would answer them I analyse events and wr More

Copts and Poliltical Islam

Do you think that political parties will be united in the next parliament against the Islamic Powers?

Short But Not Sweet
  • Sisi for Peace?

    Recently, there was an article talking about how Sisi was nominated for a the 2015 Nobel Peace Prize. Based on his efforts to prevent danger when Egypt's citizens ousted Morsi back in June. Is this enough to warrant a high award such as this? I think there are more people who are working in not More
Conference Resolutions
  • Second International Coptic Conference - Washington, DC

    More than 220 thinkers, politicians, secularists and non-secularists, and Muslims from Egypt, Syria, Lebanon, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Sudan, Iraq, Tunisia, Bahrain, Libya, Europe, the United States, and Australia, convened to study and discuss the status of the minorities in the Middle East and Islamic countries. It became evident from the discussions, work papers, reports, witness statements, participating Egyptian and international fact finding missions, and the international human rights organizations, that the state of the Copts in Egypt continued to deteriorate after the first Coptic Conference held in Zurich in September 2004 ..  More